About Me

Hello, my name is Fernando Roberto, I’m a C/C++ programmer and I have currently worked on developing device drivers for Windows.

I learned programming at the age of 13 by reading the BASIC’s manual for CP200 that I got from my parents. I didn’t like to go out and play soccer in the streets and I stayed at home glued to the computer since this time. I also liked disassembling old things and using the little pieces to assemble fun electronics devices. Nothing that complex, just some LEDS, switches and little motors, just to make my wish of playing with the soldering iron and multimeter.

As most of my friends studied Data Processing, the mix of electronics and computer programming led me to study Industrial Informatics in technical school. I learned C programming by doing my course project, where my friends and I implemented an oscilloscope on a PC using an Analog/Digital converter board. I did my internship at a company that also manufactured its own hardware. I think I couldn’t have started in a better place.

I started studying low level programming just as a hobby. I’ve never thought I’d work with drivers one day in Brazil, but when I started using what I had learned in books, I realized the usefulness of having this skill. Being a C developer among several VB/SQL developers led me to like learning different things, and for that reason I decided to get specialized in Windows Kernel.

I’ve got a Computer Engineering degree from the University Sao Judas Tadeu, a course that covers not only software development, but also hardware development. Thus, in addition to programming in C for Windows, I’ve also implemented circuits, program microcontrollers and VHDL. The sum of these skills enabled me to do great work during my graduation project. After that, I was again fortunate to do my internship at another company that produced its own hardware.

I now work for IBM in a global team comprising of members in the United States, India and Brazil. We’ve developed MVFS (Multi Version File System), a file system driver that is part of a product called ClearCase. I’m a group member responsible for this driver Windows version. IBM is a very large company, and for that reason …

“The postings on this site belong to me and do not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions .”

In this blog, I write mainly about driver development and other low-level software for Windows, but sometimes readers may also see some “Off Topics” about my personal life. Most posts have a tutorial format, and this blog success has given me the opportunity to offer courses in driver development for Windows.

I hope you enjoy it. Any questions, suggestions or criticism will be very welcome.

I see you!

NOTE: This blog is originally written in Portuguese and it has been translated into English. Thus, some of the issues posted here may not have relevance for those who are far from Brazil.

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