OSR Seminars at Home

January 15th, 2008 - Fernando Roberto

If one of the problems that had prevented you from making a specialized training in developing device drivers at the OSR was a fear of flying, so there is no problem anymore. OSR, after years and years of experience teaching how to write drivers, has now invested in Webinars. This news has already been announced since last Jan. 4, but it is still surprising when I comment it with some people. So, I have done this post trying to pass it to more people at once.




The financial advantage is in the fact of avoiding buying flying tickets and paying hosting for a week in the United States. Okay, okay, it’s that’s not you who is going to  pay it, but figure out that not everyone works for multi-national companies with thousands of dollars earmarked for employee training. When I had done the training at OSR, everything was paid by the company which I used to work for; however,  if I put everything on the pencil, it was approximately R$ 13,000.oo of investment to attend a seminar of U$ 2,350.00. Taking the current dollar exchange rate, it would be approximately R$ 4,143.00, or roughly, a third of the total. This may simply be the factor that is preventing you from doing the training. So, you can go running to Mommy and Daddy to say them that now they have more purchasing power for your training. But, not three times more. It seems to me Webinars are relatively more expensive than the conventional ones. The seminar I had attended lasted for 32 hours and addressed the File System Driver development (a little advanced subject), while the first webinar offered by OSR will is suppose to do a quick introduction to WDF for 20 hours for the same price.

More Advantages

Another very relevant point is the fact that you don’t need to leave home or the company  that you work for during the seminar. Some people whom I talked to about it told me that a big problem is the fact of leaving home for a week. Some of them have small children or many other reasons you might imagine, but I think the most common reason holding a professional at work is the endless urgent bugs which can only be solved by him. Well, at least this webinar consists of 5 lessons of 4 hours. This allows you to take care of your bug collection while participating into the trainings.

It is not only an expensive PPT

Contrary to what one might figure out, the seminars are going to be interactive using two-way connections where the participant may, in addition to receiving all instructions live, ask questions and even receive all the printed material like in other seminars. The student is going to download the tool that establishes the connection and attend a 15-minute session to test the machine to be used in them and thus, make sure that the participant is having no problem during the training.

And now, if your company really does not want to pay training for you, it is, at least, easier to pay it for yourself; this way you may use this as a new star on your resume.

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