The wrist is still pulsing

January 4th, 2008 - Fernando Roberto

Before completing three months without any sign of life, here I am giving a peek at what has happened at the blogosphere. This year ending has been really hectic. As you may know, my employment by IBM has contributed a little to my absence. Okay, the university has also helped a lot. At the very end of the year, I reserved a time for myself and went for a walk on the beach. But let’s stop talking and get to what matters.

In this post, back to the living world, I am going to only comment on small things and postpone for a more elaborated post later (but still in this life), like you’ve been used to seeing around here.

Debug in Free

One of the things I had to learn to live together at IBM was to debug the driver we were supposed to write, which had always been built in Free or with optimizations and everything else that a release building deserved. Well, I have tried reluctantly to say it would be important to have a checked version for testing and that would be valuable to run our driver with all ASSERTs turned on check anything unusual that might occur. But believe me, it is not that easy to convince people that have already being accustomed to this situation. I was looking for good reasons to have a usable checked version when I had found this post. Well, the reasons are actually quite good but I still argue that we should have a checked version . I have been preparing a post that says a little about it.

Talking about knowing English

At some posts before this, I had talked about MSDN translated into some languages, including Portuguese. The message was that we could deal with it a little without knowing English but, if you don’t know English and you want to develop drivers for a living, so you have to learn English as soon as possible. I remembered this post today at a Google search when a link was especially rewarding.

IoGetDeviceObjectPointer Tips

Well, if someone has managed to get some tips, please tell me. If one day I decide to learn a third language, now I have a candidate for it.

New Year, New Look

It was supposed to have happened before, but unfortunately the time is has been short for many people. I put in check brother’s web designer skills. I asked him to improve this blog layout. It’s getting pretty good, but I still have had nothing concrete to be shown. I will be migrating to WordPress soon. Most of the work has already been done but much of it has remained to be done. My main intention in migrating to WordPress is to be able to use one of these plug-ins that would allow me to have the same post in both languages, English and Portuguese. Well, we have tried to test a few of them but they got some problems. But we’ll get there.


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