IBM, Here we go!

October 15th, 2007 - Fernando Roberto

After a few months in a long selection process, I finally can share this good news with you. Good news for me, at least. Today, October 15th, 2007 was my first day as an IBMer on the Tutoia Street building. No, I haven’t given up the Windows Kernel to program neither Java nor ABAP. The issue is the usual one, the same blue screen.

How have you learned that?

This is a question that several people have made me. You may not believe it but it seems that things have naturally contributed to my professional development as a Windows Kernel programmer. When I was an intern at Provectus, I started reading the book “Inside Windows NT” for just a hobby, hopeless of being able one day to work with the things addressed by that literature and after all, having the privilege of working in a hardware development company in Brazil would be like winning the lottery. Well, my internship as a C programmer was in a company that had been developing its own hardware. I was maybe lucky. When it was least expected by me, there I was programming services for Windows NT, using shared memory and even a device driver appeared for my inspection. Because of my previous skill about MFC and Win32 API, what really attracted me was the Kernel Mode development. Once more for hobby, just for pleasure, I started reading about it and I must say it was hopeless again. Yeah, that time the result came from the opposite side. I went to work at a company that used to buy and sell shares for stock exchange. I used to develop COM+ using C++ and just one year was sufficient to learn about ASP, SQL and Java to know that this was not what I had been wanting for me. Luckily, the fate took me to SCUA. I did not know they used to make drivers for Windows. It was during an interview to join to the application team that I found out that there was a drivers’ team. Anyway, guess which team I ended up in after a while? By working there, I got in contact with many professionals, books, discussion lists and especially, the opportunity to put into practice what I had learned in books. Then after, it was the time of  Tempest, and with it, a chance to participate into a File System Driver Training with one of the foremost authorities on the subject. Then, a friend made me an indication for me at IBM, and after two interviews, one at the building and the other on Tutoia Street, I had a technical interview by telephone with the U.S. team; and here I am. I’d work on the MVFS for Windows development team.

And one of the points that had excited me the most in this new venture it was the opportunity to work with highly qualified people on the subject and be able to learn much from a team that involved minimally North Americans, Indians, and that time, one more Brazilian.

My first day at IBM was fulfilled with lectures. Initially, about the IBM history, and the other being about the various procedures that such a big company required.


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