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July 19th, 2007 - Fernando Roberto

My friend Slug was always a great reference on a different way of seeing things. He usually has a different viewpoint from mine, and I have always learned from these other viewpoints. This post will be different than you are accustomed to seeing here. Wanderley had introduced the subject “How to be a better programmer in the next six months” and brought us this new point of view (at least for me) to see blogs, known as Tagging. Here is my reply.

I cannot say that everything will be different in the next six months; I am really going to make every effort to turn a better programmer. I think my answer is similar to the response that Strauss has given us, but not equal.

As some of you know, beyond the work day at Open, I have still faced the university to complete my degree in Computer Engineering. This course has brought me new concepts about micro-processing, embedded systems, computer architecture and other subjects different from Windows programming in C/C++. I can say that it has opened up a little my range of opportunities to learn new things. Developing drivers is, in addition to programming, establishing communication between two near worlds, but virtually unknown to each other. Usually, who knows one of these sides very well, don’t do the same about the other one. It is natural. I have already known a bit of software, and every six months to go, I know some new things about hardware. Knowing better the hardware, I think I can better understand and program the operating system that interacts with it.

Speaking of new things, this month I have found myself buying a book about Device Drivers for Linux. I have been Microsoft ever since. Obviously, I am referring to the professional aspect. My days of MSX and CP200 exert the same influence that my kindergarten does about my resume. The book has not arrived yet, but certainly, it will feed my database about Software/Hardware interaction and it’ll allow me to draw a parallel between these two development platforms, Windows/Linux, and thus, I’ll be able to better understand what they have in common, both concerning Software/Hardware interaction about operating system concepts.

A friend of mine once told me that one of the best ways to learn something is teaching. I have been writing this blog for almost a year and have learned a lot from it. Writing about some things, which would be simple, made me take another view and see that there are still more and more details about it. Thus, I end up learning the details that were lost at first. Some lectures I have given the company and the device driver course work as a Boost for this learning way. I confess I’m enjoying it.

In conclusion and in summary, I will continue studying to get my degree, reading about Linux, continue blogging and being questioned about its issues. This subject is very fun for programmers, but we cannot forget that we are also husbands, sons, brothers, friends and so on. This post can offer you that courage to start studying everything and devote all your time available for the benefit of being the best developer but, cycling and going to the beach are also part of excellent programmer’s rising.

Enjoy in moderation. 😉
See you…

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