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September 28th, 2007 - Fernando Roberto

It has become more frequent, at least for me, the demand for skilled developers in the Windows Kernel. What is frequent for me? Well, besides the companies that I have regularly worked for, which I imagine are already tired of asking me if I know more Kernel programmers, two companies asked me indications just this last month. One of them is the company that is taking one of my friends, Rodrigo Strauss, to Porto Alegre. If you think it is hard to find places for this type of development, it is even harder to find developers for this type of vacancy. Usually when someone asks me for any developer’s indication, I just end up saying that, after more than ten years as a programmer, I can count every kernel developer I have know using just one hand.

The fact is that both are hard to find, so I’m providing a forward invitations and opportunities of Windows Kernel area to this blog readers who are interested in it. Those interested ones should contact me by e-mail so I can expand our network of contacts. Please, try to avoid leaving your e-mail in the post comment area, because in that way, anyone else (including spammers) can see them. If you have not gotten my e-mail yet, just get it from my Blogger profile. Even those who are not interested in new challenges can send me a hello. So that I can know how many of you have already worked with Windows kernel and attempt to start using the fingers of the other hand on that score.

There is an initiative like this is on the OSR Online site where several specialized companies post jobs about Windows Kernel. Maybe in a few hundred years, when my blog is famous worldwide, companies want to publish their vacancies for Brazilian Kernel programmers at

For now I just want to know how many and who are the Brazilian Kernel Coders, but I’ll be open to suggestions. Everything is depending on the volume and quantity of responses that I will get during my attempt.


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