But I don’t know English

September 27th, 2007 - Fernando Roberto

It was through this post that I found out that MSDN beta content (including WDK) is now available for the automatic translation into Portuguese and other languages.

For those who have trouble understanding the original text in English, they can now enjoy the comfort of having the same problems of understanding the same text in Portuguese. This is because the translation is not that good but, it helps for those who have little or no English knowledge.

The result is displayed on the already known MSDN layout, but the main text will come with a split that will separate the Portuguese text from its equivalent English. Maybe it gets better when it stops being beta, but anyway, it remains an alternative for it.

Take a look:
Introdução do kit de drivers do Windows

Automatic translations may be pretty funny. I’ve already seen nasty translations in manuals of imported goods. It’s a shame I have not found that PenDrive manual I have recently bought to share some “pearls” with you!

Device Driver Programming == Motorista de dispositivo programando

Be careful!

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